Support hub

How we can support you

Let’s face it, we all need a little extra help from time to time, whether it be for reasons of health, life events (such as a recent bereavement), low emotional resilience or capability to understand financial matters. Sometimes these challenges can be transitory and at others, permanent. Either way, our advisers are all trained to identify such issues and sympathetically explore with you (and/or your representative) what reasonable adjustments we could make, to ensure you fully understand any recommendations made and the reasons for them.


  • Clients can use our car park if arriving by car.
  • There is a very shallow ramp to gain ready access to the front door.
  • All meeting rooms are on the ground floor.
  • Disabled toilet facility on the ground floor.

Our advisers, are of course, happy to visit you in your home should this be more convenient to you.

Have someone with you for support

It can be difficult to recall everything from a meeting, so we positively encourage clients to be accompanied by someone they trust. Whether this be a relation, friend or carer is up to you, but if you would feel more comfortable in having someone else present at any discussions, then we are more than happy to accommodate this.

Reasonable adjustments

Everyone’s needs will be different according to circumstance so our advisers will determine what we can do to assist you. For example, we may:

  • Take the advice process more slowly and work on one issue at a time.
  • Produce reports in a larger font or alter the font to assist reading.
  • Communicate with you on a different colour paper, should this help.

If we communicate with you electronically then there is a range of software available that can read advice reports to you. If your software is not good at reading tabular information then we can look at how we can change our report to accommodate your needs.

Here to help

Ultimately, our objective is not only to provide the highest quality advice, but to deliver this in a way that best suits your needs. In this way, you can proceed with the confidence that comes from understanding why each action is being proposed, and what benefits that will bring you.