About us

Technology and data


A platform provides online access to numerous funds, which can be held in a number of different tax wrapper types. The main advantage of a platform is being able to manage a variety of investments in one place with a consistent investment strategy across all wrappers. As many platforms developed out of existing Fund Supermarket and/or long-standing providers, they tend to embrace technology utilising electronic document libraries and online applications.

Secure communication

The security of your financial information is highly important to us so we would normally seek to communicate with you through the client portal. This is more secure than using traditional email or post as your information is not being sent anywhere and hence cannot be intercepted. The client portal also enables you to share and store documents, negating the need to print numerous documents. We will however communicate via post or email should this be your preference.  

Electronic signing

Where possible we utilise electronic document signing software which allows clients to sign paper work electronically. Whilst we are still ultimately beholden to providers in terms of what paperwork is required and in what format, it means that you can attend to paper work wherever you may be. Not only does this save on a large amount of paper being sent through the post but it also speeds up the entire application process, which can be important for more urgent transactions.

Client portals

Whilst people can log into a platform and review the plans held there, we have a dedicated client portal which allows clients to access information on all of their plans, across different platforms and providers.


Paperless office

We have been a paperless office for a number of years, scanning and securely shredding many documents, allowing us to move away from paper-based files. Through the use of technology above, we hope this will only improve further.


Electronic verification

Subject to receiving your express permission, we can conduct electronic verification of your identity and address. In 95% of cases, this will mean we will not have to trouble you for sight of your passport and utility bill etc, either at outset, or subsequently when further checks are required

How we use your data

In the course of providing our service to you we may collect the following personal data when you provide it to us:

Data list

  • contact information
  • identity information
  • financial information
  • employment status
  • lifestyle information
  • health information
  • details of any vulnerability
  • product details
  • details of your dependents and / or beneficiaries under a policy (If you are providing information about another person, we expect you to ensure that they know you are doing so and are content with their information being provided to us.)
We also obtain personal data from other sources in the course of providing our intermediary services. We take your privacy very seriously and advise you to read our privacy notice, as it contains important information on who we are, how and why we collect, store, use and share personal data, plus your rights in relation to your personal data. All data is held securely and backed up. We have never had a system security breach since we started trading in 2006.